Scribo was awarded Company of the Year during the grand finale of Gen-E 2021.

370 000 young entrepreneurs from 40 countries competed to become Europe’s Company and Start Up of the Year on United Nations World Skills Day 2021. and Scribo have been named the winners of the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge and Company of the Year Competition, after battling it out with Europe’s best young entrepreneurs today in Gen-E 2021, the largest entrepreneurship festival across Europe. Throughout almost three weeks filled with spectacular agenda points the participating teams were pitching their innotvations to the jurys of the main awards as well as the sponsored signature awards. JA Alumni Europe was giving out the prestigious Leadership Award which acknowledges the best leaders of this year's EEC and CoYC finales. This year's jury consisted out of the successful and active alumni Andrea Ulicna, Irena Matraku, Jelle Deegest, Fraser Morrison, Demetris Konstantinou and Kristoffer Refnes Bjordal. 

Jelle Deegest was announcing the winners of this years JA Alumni Leadership Award during the finale of EEC.

The grand finale which was livestreamed from Lithuania, saw the three main hosts Indre Kavaliauskaite, Salvatore Nigro (CEO, JA Europe) and Andzelika Rusteikiene (CEO, JA Lithuania) on a spectacular space-inspired, virtual stage accompanied by highly ranked guests and of course this year's winning teams. You can watch both finale shows for EEC and CoYC below. 

The winners of the European Enterprise Challenge, for university age entrepreneurs were as follows:

  1. (Greece) who created a smart wearable device that preserves the orientation of blind swimmers in the pool. The system consists of an eco-friendly swimming cap and goggles and is intended for use in training conditions. 
  2. MUTE (Portugal), a sound absorption module, able to eliminate echo/reverb and unwanted frequencies in a room by using fabric residues. Relies as a professional, sustainable and innovative solution, that promotes a circular economy.
  3. Hjárni (Norway), whose goal is to become the world's most preferred supplier of eco-friendly tanning agents for sustainable leather production. While Europe's leather generates an annual value chain turnover of 125 billion euros, 85% of this leather is made using chrome, which is dangerous for both our health and environment. 


The winners of the Company of the Year Competition were as follows:

  1. Scribo (Slovakia), a solution to dry-erase markers that are not being recycled and produce a waste of 35 billion plastic markers every year. They have developed zero-waste dry-erase whiteboard markers made of recycled wax.
  2. FlowOn (Greece), an innovative adapter which converts outdoor taps into “smart taps” regulating the flow of water, reducing water consumption by up to 80% and reducing exposure to viruses and germs by more than 98%. 
  3. Lazy Bowl (Austria), are an all-female company specializing in freeze-dried fruit ‘smoothiebowls’ which are free from both colorings and preservatives.

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