JA alumna Sarah is the former president of JA Alumni Europe and currently leading the global alumni movement of JA Worldwide. She participated in the JA Company Program in 2009/2010 in Germany.

She’s a global advocate for equal rights and equal chances, and the founder of "how to Be global", an initiative that aims to discover what it takes to be global in today’s fast-paced and culturally mixed world. Her work with “how to Be global” was featured in campaigns of the UN Foundation, on the TV show “Good Morning Ghana” and various conferences around the world.


Here are Sarah’s top five tips on “how to Be global” from home:


  1. Start with “who am I“? | Do you know your personal, social, and cultural identity? Before you can fully embrace and celebrate other behaviors, values and ways of living, you have to check in on what’s important for you.
  2. Check out other traditions | Are you REALLY interested and curious about traditions? Be curious about traditions even if they might seem “weird” to you at first. I promise, you will learn so much about this culture once you understand the traditions better. Google away: “What’s the history about this tradition? Why are people passionate about it?” and so on.
  3. Join an international organization | Did you know that JA is a global organization? Join us on Gather and connect with like-minded alumni from all around the world! Need a mentor? Have an idea you want to pitch? Are you looking for a local tour guide? Want to take on a leadership position within the network? All of this and more can be found on Gather.
  4. Talk, meet, and learn from other humans | As much as we’re all tired of „another zoom call“, we’re more connected than ever—use it! Use Gather and all social media platforms to get to know people from other parts of the world. Be curious about their daily life, what’s important to them and what’s special about their city/country.
  5. Step up your “English game” | English is THE global language and opens many doors for you. Ever thought of taking a “business English” class online or travelling (whenever it’s safe and possible for you) to another country to take English classes? This will not only perfect your English but you will automatically meet people from around the world who want to connect with each other.


👉 Want to listen to the full podcast episode?

Check it out here: http://bit.ly/howtobeglobalfromhome

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