Maxi is the president of JA Alumni Europe, the european network of former participants of programs by JA Europe. He has participated in the company program in 2013/14 and found his passion for entrepreneurship within the JA alumni network. With his experience on leading the European alumni network together with his team and pitching it to hundreds of young students on an almost daily basis, he wants to give you his top 5 tips on the perfect pitch for your jury interviews.

  1. Tell a story |Take the audience on a journey. It is proven that a simple storyline which includes facts, numbers and sales information is much easier to follow than only bursting out your bullet points. Think of a simple narrative that captures everyones attention or tell people about your vision of the future and how your product or service will have a tremendous impact on it.
  2. Speak freely | Having a script and an overall idea of your presentation is crucial for a successful pitch. But the only way you can really convince people of your passion is to speak your mind and do that freely. Practise your pitch but never read if off a paper.
  3. Use gestures | It is not just the passion in your voice and the words you use, that transport the spirit of your work to your listeners. Using gestures with your hands throughout your presentation can underline the most important parts and messages of it – if you do it right. You can learn some of the most important and basic hand gestures for your perfect pitch right here.
  4. Be yourself | No one can sell your idea better than you can. Be yourself and show your passion, dedication and fire for your project. Let everyone know what your drive behind your project is and what you personally burn for. Nothing is more captivating than watching someone talk about and do what they love.
  5. Have fun | Every single pitch you do should be fun for you and everyone who is listening to it. Include things or moments that make you happy and bring you joy. Pictures of your team or a milestone you have reached in the past or maybe just a simple fun meme that brings your presentation to life. You are the master of your own pitch – bring it to life, own it and have fun!

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