#GatherBusiness Spotlight: Pigeon Loans, founded by JA USA alumnus Brian Bristol

About Pigeon Loans

Pigeon Loans is the world’s leading technology platform dedicated to enabling people from all walks of life to make loans with one another. By offering a space where users can negotiate the terms of their loans, make payments, and legalize loan documents, Pigeon Loans seeks to empower individuals to lend and borrow money with the people they trust. Pigeon Loans is on a crash course to becoming the de-facto lending platform for lenders all across the world. With patent-pending technology, support from some of the world’s most innovative companies and minds, thousands of users signing up each month, and a commitment to serving their community, Pigeon Loans is an innovative force on the global tech scene, soon to make a name for itself.


About Brian:

A North Carolina native, and current San Diegan, Brian Bristol is a young, up, and coming entrepreneur in the financial tech scene. A recent graduate of Bowdoin College, Brian is the founder of Pigeon Loans, Inc., the world’s leading global lending platform dedicated to enabling friends, family members, loved ones, and those that trust each other the most to make loans with one another. Junior Achievement served a pivotal role in Brian’s upbringing; he spent numerous years in after-school JA programs learning about the world of entrepreneurship and business. With the launch of Pigeon Loans in September 2020, Brian now uses Junior Achievement to seek out the advice and tutelage from his predecessors and those most active within the community. Junior Achievement is an integral part of Brian’s passion for entrepreneurship, and he hopes his actions will one day inspire the next generation to take risks and chase their own dreams.

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