Resources & Promotion Materials for Gather Business

Hi Alumni-Leaders, 
Gather Business is live!👏
It's basically like Esty for JA!

What is it?
Thousands of JA/INJAZ/YE alumni are staring their own businesses around the world, using the skills they learned in JA programs.

Gather Business connects, leverages, and promotes alumni-owned businesses on a global scale.

Promotion Materials:
Please find here all graphics, messaging and the inforgraphic for you to share on your social channels and website.




Benefits of Participating Alumni and your JA location:

For the alumni company owners

For JA

  • Publicity, global feature on Gather and with JA funders, part of a large network
  • Alumni business network (networking, potential events, mentorship, funding opps)
  • Speaking engagements on JA or non-JA related events
  • E-commerce marketplace (sell/advertise product/service to Gather community)
  • Access to Gather to recruit new employees (find talent), collaborate with others, find new business partners with an entrepreneurial mindset, etc.


  • Impact measurement with alumni-owned companies
  • Get to know successful alumni even better: add to pitches for partners, speaking engagements, etc.
  • Storytelling: Tell alumni stories with more depth and relevance
  • Giving back: Access to volunteers and support for JA (individual donors, company donations)



What qualifies as an JA/INJAZ/YE alumni owned company?
A former student of any JA/INJAZ/YE program in any location globally who is the founder (or one of the founder members) of a company. At least one of the founders have to be a JA alum (any program graduate from all JA countries). The company can be established either during the JA/INJAZ/YE program or afterwards.


Campaign objectives:

  • Find, leverage, and showcase the alumni-owned companies as well as the great work of the JA offices around the world
  • Create awareness of alumni business owners to the JA network and externally
  • Kick-start the “alumni business network” on Gather with a marketplace
  • Help JA offices reconnect with their successful alumni

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