What a weekend! We had the second edition of e-NCM

Twice a year, all European leaders group up to share their knowledge and experience with each other. And exactly this kind of gathering took place last weekend. Let's have a look at what it takes to prepare National Coordinators Meeting in an online environment and how it all turned out (SPOILER ALERT: it was great!).

It all began with a heart-breaking decision to cancel our NCM which should have taken place in Copenhagen. On this note, a huge thank you to the whole Danish team for doing everything in their power to try to make this event happen. But overall circumstances left us with no other choice but to keep all our beloved Alumni safe and healthy in their homes. 

Finally, here comes the great news. Even though we decided to go for the second round of the e-NCM the energy in our virtual room was really high. For those of you who haven't join - you may ask how is that possible? Well, let us share a secret recipe: When you use only good "ingredients", there is no way of creating something bad. And we had the best out of best.

Recipe for amazing e-NCM, put these ingredients together and you have one spectacular online event:

  • 13 pieces of show-stopping European board members who make this all happen. The to-do list is not really short in this case so you gotta make sure you have the best out there. Special THANK YOU goes to our incredible Events team who worked really hard to prepare a very dynamic agenda and interactive virtual environment. 
  • Few dozen excited young leaders who are more than ready to level up their national Alumni networks. After all, everything is always as good as are the people involved. So another big THANK YOU goes from the whole European board to all participants. We are thrilled by all the great input, hard work, and dedication we've seen during those two days!
  • Catchy and interesting agenda to keep everyone engaged. Thanks to the interactive platform Hopin we could not only present our ideas via one main stage but also split participants into smaller session rooms to initiate discussion. Besides many Alumni-related topics, we also enjoyed one keynote about moderating online conferences by Tobias Dörpinghaus, one of the founders of JA Alumni Germany. 

To give you a concrete idea of some of the topics - we discussed what events can be held in these unpredictable days, also how can we keep our team members on track and motivated. We evaluated the hard work of each nation and announced Country Awards. Of course, there was a special place for Gather and all of its helpful tools. Moreover, we shared with NC's some of the exciting news which are coming in the near future. So you better stay tuned as well!

Hopefully, see you in Tirana next spring. Fingers crossed!

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