Our energy keeps shining out after experiencing FIKA with almost 100 Alumni people tuned in. For those who couldn’t join our online event last Saturday, here is a little recap.

For the very last time, we could see the former president and vicepresident of JA Alumni Europe, Donald and Love, to reach the spotlight as a part of the board. What a journey it was to work by their side. Although we are pretty sure our new president Maxi and his team are going to rock it the same way (get to know the whole board HERE)! The program also included a chat with Salvatore Nigro as the new CEO of JA Europe and a panel discussion with our irreplaceable JA Alumni Honoris who cannot say “no” when it comes to sharing passion with new JA generations. Also, we happened to be witnesses of Sarah Rapp’s first live podcast episode of “How to be global”. You can check the topics of previous episodes on her IG profile @howtobeglobal.

"I was astonished by the active participation in the sessions of all participants. Taking our #alumnispirit online was a success and we will definitely look into more virtual possibilities for future projects.” - Maxi, President of JA Alumni Europe



Besides an exciting program related to the world of JA Alumni, we enjoyed the presence of two keynote speakers. Both Kim Kaupe and Stoyan Yankov were extremely interesting to listen to. "Your net worth is your network," said Kim who was talking about using LinkedIn for your professional career, and the overall importance and concept of "six degrees of separation". The insights into their successful career life motivated all of the Alumni to keep on doing what they truly love! FOLLOW our keynote speakers on Instagram and gain your own portion of motivation: @kimkaupe & @stoyan_yankov.

Moreover, as a participant, you could enjoy your portion of networking which cannot be missing at any event. People were randomly paired and given a chance to chat for a bit with other folks from all the places around the world. How exciting!

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