Alumni Networks In Africa by #GatherReporter Fungai

JA Africa has established offices and programs in 14 countries in Africa, and its alumni network continues to grow with six around the region—Gabon, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, and Mauritius. This week, Gather Reporter Fungai highlights two of her favorite JA Africa alumni networks.


Ghana Alumni

JA Ghana Alumni is a vibrant alumni network ready to support each member in his or her entrepreneurship journey. As I spoke with JA Ghana Alumni president Emmanuel Nyame, I felt like I was part of the network myself. The group’s leadership board is made up of eight members who are dedicated to making sure that this alumni network continues to grow and add value. Based on current results, they are certainly on the right track.

Having only launching their network in 2019, JA Ghana Alumni has organized numerous meetups to kickstart the network. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most of the in-person events have been put on hold, but that doesn’t mean alumni have stopped connecting. JA Ghana Alumni has utilized its social media platform to keep the network connected and growing, primarily through Instagram Live events where members share tips on how to thrive under current circumstances.

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JA Alumni Mascareignes (Mauritius)

You know what they say, dynamites come in small packages. JA Alumni Mascareignes is by far my favorite alumni network because it truly reflects the collective effort of its organizers. When adding little by little, a little becomes a lot. JA offices were established in Mauritius ten years ago, so most of the alumni are in their mid-twenties, and there aren’t as many alumni as compared to other JA Africa countries. The JA Alumni Mascareignes group began with one alumnus who wanted to gather and connect all the JA alumni around Mauritius, and the vision never faded. The board is comprised of three productive and results-oriented members. The group has not yet officially launched, but operations began just last year. As such, the board members do not have specific titles yet, but board members refer themselves as honcho Fyona, honcho William and honcho Risheek, with honcho meaning manager. This is so cool.

From the past year, JA Alumni Mascareignes members have interviewed CEOs, office workers, and entrepreneurs to gain knowledge as well as to encourage them to volunteer at the JA offices, helping them grow the network as well as find sponsors for operations. The group’s main focus is to give back to the community. The group has included vlogging as part of its strategy to grow the network by giving people awareness about Gather and the JA alumni network in general. In the last year, JA Alumni Mascareignes has held its first official alumni gathering.


 I cannot wait to see what’s next for the Mauritius network, because they show so much potential.

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