The United States is known globally for being a diverse land of opportunity and dreams. JA USA has a huge impact throughout the entire region. Though composed of only one country, JA USA is an extremely diverse region with over 106 area offices throughout the country, from Southern California to Washington, D.C.

JA was founded in 1919 by Theodore Vail, Horace Moses, and Murray Crane in Massachusetts as Junior Achievement. Today, JA USA is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Perhaps best known as a popular tourist destination because of its unique scenery, rock formations, and landmarks, Colorado Springs is home to the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains. 

JA USA started its in-classroom programs for middle school students in 1975; its programs have since expanded to elementary and high-school students and also includes after-school programs. In 2019, JA celebrated 100 years and JA USA kicked off the centennial with its “100% ready” awareness campaign, which featured students and showed the importance of preparing them for their futures. 

The U.S. is a diverse mixture of cultures and ideas, and many languages are spoken throughout the country. English is the most common language, while Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and French are also widely spoken in different regions. In addition to diversity among the people, the vast geography also varies. The U.S. is the only country that has all of Earth’s five climate zones: tropical, dry, temperate, continental, and polar.

Over 4.6 million students go through JA programs every year in the U.S. Currently, there are not any official established JA alumni networks in the country, but many JA offices are working on launching alumni networks in their areas. The region is filled with different cultures, languages, mindsets, and most importantly an abundance of students positively affected by JA.


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