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JA Europe is the largest non-profit organization in Europe to provide education programs for entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy. JA Europe is a member of JA Worldwide and actually has the largest number of students in the JA Company Program globally. More than 360,000 students from over 40 countries across Europe take part in the JA Company Program each year.


JA Europe’s mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in global economy. JA Europe has an extensive alumni network with 33 participating nations and 23 registered member nations with more than 14,000 living alumni.


JA Alumni Europe member countries all have their own national entities and activities but can also participate in other countries’ events or combine their strength and work together.


JA Alumni Europe’s mission is to unite all former JA Participants across Europe, help to improve participants’ skills in self-development and business and to offer a network of outstanding individuals always ready to help.


JA Europe — like all JA locations worldwide — is filled with potential, inspirational stories, and successes. It is also filled with amazing attitudes that help everyone thrive and keep pushing everyone forward. It is the network of opportunities!


Several JA Alumni Europe alumni shared their thoughts about JA. Do you agree with them?



Katka, Czech Republic


When did you become a JA alumni?


I joined the network exactly four years ago, right after the national JA Company Program fair. The people had really cool vibe, I just could not resist. By that time it was more about making friends and having fun, I actually didnt realize how much I was about to learn by signing myself up.



What does JA and the alumni community mean to you?


It truly means a lot. Thats not negotiable. I think JA affected me so much mainly because of the age I was when I joined. I was at that point where you are looking for direction in life, so you are just grabbing opportunities hoping its going to be the thing. Im pretty sure JA was the right choice, as it shaped my personality into the open and crazy person I am right now. I really tried to answer this question without any cliché statement, but as I have such a soft spot for JA in my heart, here I go—I can genuinely say it keeps changing my life in the best way possible.


What is your favourite memory with JA?


Of course there are so many—all the people, all the travels, all the cool events! But there is one which got me a bit more emotional than others. I remember watching the presentations of JA companies at last years national JA Company Program fair and the judges asked one of them why their presentation was on such a high level. And then they answered that the credit goes to JA Alumni Czech team who taught them everything during one of the workshops. You cant imagine how rewarding it was to hear that. Knowing that you contributed to someones success and helped him to unlock better self is just indescribable.



Markus, Austria


When did you become a JA alumni?


I participated in the JA Company Program in 2013, so I have been a part of the JA alumni network since 2014 and registered as a member in 2018.


What does JA and the alumni community mean to you?


To me, JA and the alumni community represent the basics that need to be taught in life. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to be able to take part in this program and learn these skills. It was the entrance to my studies and my career.

Being part of the JA community is an introduction to a whole new world where you get so much new information, learn about economics and business, and meet many, many new people. The JA alumni community is one big family filled with amazing humans, opportunities, and mindsets. You are always welcome to the events all over the world!


What is your favourite memory with JA?


My favourite memory is when I learned that JA doesn’t exist only in Austria but all over the world and it is one big family. It was also great to see how many people came to Vienna, Austria, last year for the first JA Global Alumni Conference to be part of it. (To be exact, over 350 alumni from over 40 countries around the world attended!) Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend, but it was amazing to follow online.



Elena, Bulgaria/Brussels


When did you become a JA alumni?


I became a JA alumna in 2007. I started as a marketing project lead in JA Alumni Bulgaria, then joined the JA Alumni Europe board 20112014, in the last two years as president. Since 2014, I've been an Honoris member, and this year I was elected Member of the Board of Governors for JA Worldwide. (Im thrilled to pave the way for more alumni to join in future, as this is the first time an alumnus has officially joined.)



What does JA and the alumni community mean to you?


I believe that JA empowers the new generations to build a better world. The alumni network is the best environment a young person could wish for—to grow both personally and professionally, and to continuously challenge themselves. Both JA and JA alumni have given me more than I can describe. They helped me cultivate constant curiosity and the desire to expand my horizons, while building my self-confidence and resilience. Early on, I learned how to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds, who nevertheless share similar values and interest in entrepreneurship.


What is your favourite memory with JA?


I have too many wonderful memories to pick only one. Possibly the most recent one was the JA alumni conference in Vienna last year. We celebrated 100 years of JA. The third day of the conference was charged with incredible energy—the early morning sessions focused our minds on the higher purpose in life and the impact we have as humans. The day finished with a wonderful celebration of the centennial.



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