Meet Stretchbit: alumni start-up and personal health coach


Stretchbit is a personal health coach for people working long hours on a computer. You have access to a combination of easy to follow exercises and a professional health coach, that will make your day fun and active while building healthy habits! 

The application consists of 3 main parts. One of them is the daily break reminders accompanied with office-friendly exercises for a specific part of the body. The second part is the condition prevention outside the office -  special stretching programs for the different parts of the body. Last but not least is Stretchbit's result tracking feature and the ability to contact a physiotherapist through the application.


What was the inspiration behind your business idea?

As a result of overworking, I personally was diagnosed with an early stage of the not so uncommon now “Carpal tunnel syndrome”. It affected me to a point, where my hands would hurt from simply touching the keyboard or picking up the phone. It was hell awful too, not be able to do simple everyday tasks and be on a constant sick leave from work. In the end, the only things that helped me ease the symptoms were stretching exercises and perseverance. We started the project in order to help more people prevent these conditions and solve their health issues. The key is to stay mindful about what position you’re taking at work and know when it’s time for a little break and relaxation.

When did you meet with JA and how did JA impact your life?

When I was in university, I randomly selected an entrepreneurship program to attend, which turned out to be JA Student Company. This is how my first company was born. Two projects after that I found my current business partner, again in a JA program, with whom we are working on Stretchbit. JA helped me find my business partners and navigate me towards my entrepreneurial future.

Did you achieve the goals you set while establishing your business idea?

The idea for Stretchbit comes from a personal problem and by creating this project I have fulfilled my goal to help people with similar health issues. But business goals can never be fulfilled, you are always looking for the next steps.



What are things you wish you knew before starting the entrepreneurial experience?

Absolutely nothing and probably would not start if I had known more. The whole idea of entrepreneurship is the journey you are going to walk and nothing can prepare you for the real problems that you will face. Even if you have a cheatsheet you cannot imagine how you would react in a certain situation.

What advice would you give to our alumni who aim to follow your steps?

Creating a successful business is hard and the most valuable things to do are to be persistent, brave and never give up.

How do you imagine yourself and your business in the future?

Our goal is to help more people and we imagine our solution can help healthcare systems around the world to give better access to prevention and rehabilitation of employees and people after surgeries.


Learn more about stretchbit and download the app today!

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