Meet the alumni speakers for the June #GatherTalk

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June 26, 10amET


Name: Farai Munjoma

Country: Zimbabwe, living in Mauritius - Africa


Shasha is an impact-driven Education Consultancy aimed at increasing access to quality education across the developing world through leveraging on our expertise in storytelling, community engagement, and education services delivery. Our end game is enabling communities to achieve their fullest potential by empowering their human capital through education.


Farai Munjoma is a seasoned social entrepreneur who founded Shasha Network, an education services startup that provides digital learning and early career development programs for young people in Africa. He has worked in seven African countries with organizations such as the African Leadership Group, Ashinaga, Junior Achievement, and Eneza Education. He is on a mission to the power of technology, storytelling, and education to unlock human potential in marginalized communities across Africa.

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June 26, 10amET


Name: Mabel Simpson

Country: Ghana - Africa


Mabel Simpson at the age of 26 willingly resigned from her corporate job to start a creative enterprise, mSimps, with a meagre seed capital of $100 and a passion worth a million. Over the last decade, mSimps has grown from producing just brooches to a mid-scale fashion house that provides full-suite services such as bags, home décor, and most recently, clothing, face masks, and scrubs caps.

In 2015, Mabel was privileged to participate in AWEP (Africa Women Entrepreneurship Programme, an IVLP (International Visitor Leadership Programme) program facilitated by the U.S Department of State. After the initiative, she developed a return-to-work plan with the primary focus of nurturing upcoming talents in the creative industry. She signed up to workshops and conferences as a resource person to share her experiences gained through the program. One of which includes partnering with the Council for Technical and Vocational Education Training (COTVET) under their Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) program to speak to over 2,000 students across the nation to educate and inspire them on the exciting career opportunities available under TVET. Under Mabel’s leadership, mSimps has offered their retail space to 6 vibrant brands (with 5 of them led by astute female entrepreneurs) by stocking their products.


Mabel supports people in her community by equipping them with employable skills to help them earn a livelihood to cater for themselves and dependents.


Her success story is hinged on failures, hard work, perseverance, constant engagements, feedback, and most important partnerships.


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June 26, 10amET



Name: Nicholas Kee

Country: Jamaica - Americas


Nicholas Kee is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Next Gen Creators, a non-profit organization aimed at promoting the learning of digital literacy skills for youth in the Caribbean. Nicholas is a 2017 Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Entrepreneurship and 2016 Queen’s Young Leaders Runner-up Award recipient.


Since the beginning of his career, he has launched companies in the sectors of education, marketing, big data, and 3D & 4D printing. He has had the honor of working with NASA, CERN, Red Cross International and the United Nations on renewable energy-related projects and policy reform for developing countries and refugee camps.


He is now the Jamaica Youth Ambassador to the Commonwealth and aims to give voice to concerns highlighted throughout the diaspora while empowering generations of youths to play an active role in their countries’ development. His primary focuses within his role are Economic Development & Opportunity, Technology, and Education. In this role, he highlights the importance of technology and digital literacy in societies of developing countries in the Commonwealth. He spends the majority of his time consulting with various government agencies and private organizations throughout the diaspora to help implement technological solutions into their societies.



Name: Cécilia Mzayek

Country: based in Malta - Europe


When I was a kid, I was always stressed that I wouldn't find my "calling", that I would choose the wrong degree and then work at a job that doesn't make me happy. I ended up studying medicine, physics, and computing, and now I am an entrepreneur. I don't regret any of it!


My startup is Tixtri, which is a B2B platform connecting suppliers with grocery shops, supermarkets, and HORECA businesses. We are looking to digitalize the FMCG supply chain to make it more efficient and reduce unnecessary costs.



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June 26, 10amET

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