#GatherTips--LinkedIn Pro Tips "How to Write a Great Headline"



#GatherTips--LinkedIn Pro Tips "How to Write a Great Headline"


By Denise Spacinsky @ Project Me Pro

June 2020


According to the About page, LinkedIn has over 690 million users in 200+ countries. It is offered in 24 languages and is widely known for being the most important social media and networking site for professionals. Recruiters use it regularly so as you plan your job search it is important that you learn, use, and master LinkedIn.


As part of an ongoing series on Gather for JA Worldwide Alumni I’ll be writing about job search best practices drawn from our online training program called Project me Pro. As a JA Alumni, you are invited to access Project Me Pro here: projectmepro.com/ja-alumni and receive a member discount.



How to Write a Great Headline

There are differing points of view about LinkedIn Headlines. The Headline is that little 200+ character long 1-liner that allows you to give a quick at-a-glance summary of who you are and what you are about. The Headline is an important part of your profile because it will be the click-through/don’t-click through decision point for folks who are looking to build their professional network online.


Here is some advice:


Tip #1: Keep it simple – but meaningful.

Because I have a recruitment background, I am practical when it comes to LinkedIn. My preference is to quickly be able to see someone’s job title and where they work. This is contradictory to what I find that a lot of people recommend but it has always worked well for me. See my Headline sample above.




Tip #2: Want more? Try the keyword format.

Another successful approach to crafting Headlines is to include keywords at once that will make it up. For example:

Marketing Executive | Digital Strategy | Social Media Optimization at ABC Corporation

Including keywords will give a viewer a deeper sense of meaning about what you do in when they first see your profile link.

Where there is advice, there are also some behaviors I’d recommend that you avoid:


No-No #1: Please don’t list yourself as Unemployed (even if you are)

As you comment on posts, send InMails, and show up in search results viewers are only able to see your Photo, Name, and Headline so it is important that each of those making a positive and powerful impression. If you use valuable Headline space to list “Unemployed” it is counterproductive and can be a bit of a downer.

Better instead to list some skills or general professional titles you have held or what to hold in your Headline so recruiters can learn more about you and invite you to speak.


Many people list “Unemployed” in their Headline which will not serve them well.



No-No #2: Resist writing aspirational or inspirational Headlines

“Aiming high to change the world one day at a time.”

Headlines like this make people like me crazy. That may sound dramatic, but it’s true. Viewers can not see what the person actually does or wants to do for work. In order to find out we will have to click through… and guess what we won’t do.


Let’s try to keep it real.




This is going to be great!

Working to distill your professional profile into a short Headline is not simple, so feel free to take some time to think about it.

Your Headline should be impactful and meaningful so anyone viewing your profile can get a sense for who you are and what you do – or want to do – without too much effort. Concise, informative, and to the point are excellent goals to aim for.



Good luck and thank you for reading! You can look for more articles with job search advice on Gather.


About Project Me Pro – a JA Alumni Partner

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The author of this article is Denise Spacinsky, Co-Founder of Project Me Pro. You can learn more about her at linkedin.com/in/denisespacinsky





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