#GatherTips--Top 5 Tips for LinkedIn Pros

By Denise Spacinsky @ Project Me Pro

June 2020


According to the About page, LinkedIn has over 690 million users in 200+ countries. It is offered in 24 languages and is widely known for being the most important social media and networking site for professionals. Recruiters use it regularly so as you plan your job search it is important that you learn, use, and master LinkedIn.


As part of an ongoing series on Gather for JA Worldwide Alumni I’ll be writing about job search best practices drawn from our online training program called Project me Pro. As a JA Alumni, you are invited to access Project Me Pro here: projectmepro.com/ja-alumni and receive a member discount.



Have you been on LinkedIn for a while? Here are some advanced user tips.

Maybe you feel comfortable on LinkedIn and have been using it for a while but haven’t had the time to dig in deeply and find out some of the more enhanced features that have been added in the last few years. Here are a few I like and recommend.


Tip #1: Look carefully at your Privacy settings

There are several options available in the LinkedIn Privacy settings, so I recommend that you take a close look. You can set specific permissions about how your public profile looks to people outside your network, enable private viewing of other profiles, or let people know you are looking at their profile. You can decide if recruiters will – or will not – receive your information when you start tracking their company. You can hide certain parts of your profile and show others. Privacy features frequently change so it’s a good idea to visit these settings every so often to make sure your profile is configured in the way you would like it to be and you are not sharing more than you are comfortable with. You can reach your Privacy settings by going to the pull-down menu with your profile picture in the upper right side, go to Accounts, and select Settings & Privacy.



Accessing Privacy settings


Tip #2: Create a Public Badge

LinkedIn created ready-made badge that you can embed in webpages, social profiles or other online locations that will link people directly to your profile. You can choose a format and look and feel you like, then copy and paste the code in the source of where you need it to go. It’s currently accessed under Edit Public Profile & URL (scroll all the way down).



Sample public badge formats


Tip #3: Enhance your Experience section with rich media

Normally we fill in the Experience section with information that mimics what we would write in a resume. LinkedIn offers an opportunity to include extra files and rich content in the description. You can post files, videos, images, presentations and links right there. It is a terrific feature and will make your profile - even more! - interesting.



Adding rich media to your profile


Tip #4: Learn how to export your Connections

Building a network of Connections is arguably the most important benefit of being on LinkedIn. For a while the company took away the option of downloading Connections lists which caused a bit of a controversy. Luckily, they brought it back, but they don’t make it easy! It is a good idea to download and archive your Connections list every so you can have it for mailing lists and other important communication purposes on your local drive.


Here is the path you take the get there – it’s a 4-click journey at the moment: Go to My Network > Connections > Manage synced & imported contacts > Export contacts.


Exporting Connections



Tip #5: Publish unique content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers the ability for each of us to write and publish articles and share them on the platform. The template has a professional look and feel and is highly promoted in your overall profile summary. It’s a great idea to use professional photography from a stock account or upload your own images, and you can use formatting tools to create pull quotes, use bold text and italics to draw attention to important points. The publishing system offers analytics features allowing you to see views, clicks, and shares plus get an overview of the reader profilesIf you haven’t published on LinkedIn yet – consider giving it a go. Go to the Start a Post box and click Write an Article on LinkedIn.


Publish on LinkedIn




Good luck and thank you for reading! You can look for more articles with job search advice on Gather.


About Project Me Pro – a JA Alumni Partner


Project Me Pro is proud to partner with JA Worldwide Alumni and is featured on Gather. Project Me Pro is a self-paced online job search training solution so if you are working on your career plans it is for you. You will find 8 e-learning modules and custom templates to create professional job search materials like resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and more. Learn more and set up your account today at projectmepro.com/ja-alumni.


The author of this article is Denise Spacinsky, Co-Founder of Project Me Pro. You can learn more about her at linkedin.com/in/denisespacinsky

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