#GatherTips--Top 5 Tips for LinkedIn Beginners

By Denise Spacinsky @ Project Me Pro

June 2020


According to the About page, LinkedIn has over 690 million users in 200+ countries. It is offered in 24 languages and is widely known for being the most important social media and networking site for professionals. Recruiters use it regularly so as you plan your job search it is important that you learn, use, and master LinkedIn.

As part of an ongoing series on Gather for JA Worldwide Alumni I’ll be writing about job search best practices drawn from our online training program called Project me Pro. As a JA Alumni, you are invited to access Project Me Pro here: projectmepro.com/ja-alumni and receive a member discount.



New to LinkedIn? Here are some tips for you!

Getting started with LinkedIn can be intimidating. There is a lot to it and there are some best practices to follow so you can participate on the platform in the most professional and meaningful way.



Tip #1: Make sure all the profile edits you make are done privately

In your Account Settings, under Privacy you will see many options. Before you begin working on your profile, I encourage you to turn off the feature that will alert your network about edits that you make. It might seem strange to turn this off before you have a network, but I recommend you do it now to ensure that any future updates and changes you make will not send status alerts down the line every time you touch your profile information. Your future connections will thank you.



Tip #2: Post a professional picture

Pictures are impactful. Good, professional ones are even more so. LinkedIn research shows that profiles with pictures are viewed 21x more and receive 9x more invitations to connect than profiles without photos. Plus, photos provide credibility to your profile and people will be less likely to think you are a false profile or a bot.



Tip #3: Be proactive about building your network

LinkedIn works when you can see information about people, so connecting is key. Each time you make a connection, you will not only be able to see that person’s profile, but you will also be able to see who they are connected to and others up to 3 degrees away from you. The more you connect the more people and information you will be able to see in LinkedIn overall.


Tip #4: Ask for Recommendations

Recommendations will add a personalized touch to your profile. If they are written by people you know and who can speak positively to your skills, talents, and character they can go a long way. Once your profile is set up and connect to people you know, send some of them a Recommendation Request and see who responds. There are several ways to do this through the platform. You can learn more on LinkedIn’s help page about the Recommendations feature about your options.


Tip 5: Mark yourself “Open to Job Opportunities”

Using LinkedIn to find and land a job important, so I want to highlight the feature that will allow recruiters to find you called “Open to Job Opportunities”. LinkedIn offers a paid service to companies called Recruiter which is an integrated ATM (applicant tracking system – you’ll learn more about that in Project Me Pro). An ATM is a database that links candidate profiles to job listings and other pipelined opportunities. Recruiters look day and night for people to staff their positions, so we want them to find you too. You can set yourself as “Open to Job Opportunities” in Edit Profile mode in the box with your Name, Headline, and Photo, and set the visibility to Recruiters.




Good luck and thank you for reading! You can look for more articles with job search advice on Gather.


About Project Me Pro – a JA Alumni Partner


Project Me Pro is proud to partner with JA Worldwide Alumni and is featured on Gather. Project Me Pro is a self-paced online job search training solution so if you are working on your career plans it is for you. You will find 8 e-learning modules and custom templates to create professional job search materials like resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and more. Learn more and set up your account today at projectmepro.com/ja-alumni.


The author of this article is Denise Spacinsky, Co-Founder of Project Me Pro. You can learn more about her at linkedin.com/in/denisespacinsky



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