Hey! Tell us who you are and where you’re from.

Hi! I’m Rhea Tuli, a 17 year old JA Alumni from Washington D.C in the United States.


You are a JA/INJAZ alumn: What did you do during the JA/INJAZ program and what was your role (try to be as short as possible here).

I participated in the JA Entrepreneurship Summer summit & have completed 2 JA Company Program companies. My role in my first company, Sipsy, was as the CEO; where we won the JA Company of the Year Competition & attended the National Student Leadership summit. Currently, I am the marketing director of my JA Company, Sasa.


How did your JA/INJAZ experience change the way you approach things now?

My JA experience has changed the way that I approach everyday problems with a more logical and step by step mindset. Instead of just thinking before I act, I am more aware about how the actions I take will affect those around me.


If you had a choice between two superpowers, being invisible or flying, which would you choose and why?

I would choose having the ability to fly as a superpower between being invisible, because of the ability to get to places in a very short amount of time and to see more of the world around me. Living in the US capital, Washington D.C, has endless amounts of traffic and having the ability to get to and from places quickly would be ideal.


Imagine you would get as much money as you want, what kind of company would you start and why?

If I came across an endless supply of money, I would definitely start a company with a sustainable and environmentally-friendly mission. Both of my JA companies had a vision to provide a more “green” alternative to everyday essential items. Starting both of these companies, opened my eyes to the environmental issues around me, and how it was my job as a youth of the future to work to repair and restore our world.


Imagine you could interview your favorite celebrity, which questions would you ask him/her (tell us also who the celebrity is).

Currently, one of my favorite celebrities is Jane Fonda. Jane Fonda is an actress with many renowned Emmy, Golden Globe & Academy Awards. Jane Fonda has also been a very involved political activist since the 1960’s. Recently she has been working on spreading awareness and protesting environmental issues. I would ask her questions about how she got into her acting career and how she balanced her job as an actress with her political activism. I would also ask her questions on what drove her passion to speak out about prevalent issues and get very politically involved.


What’s your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is “Life is what happens when we are planning for it”


What’s your superpower and why?

I would say my superpower is definitely being very open-minded. I have lived and grown up in the suburbs of Washington D.C, where there are many different people from all sorts of cultures and mindsets. Living in the capital of the United States. also has people from all points of the political spectrum. Being around these people my entire life has made me very open to new ideas and different perspectives on prevalent issues.


What are you most excited about regarding the Gather Reporters?

Regarding the gather reporters, I am excited the most about being able to connect with more JA Alumni. Having the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world that shared the same experiences & JA programs is something I am really looking forward to. 



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