Coffee Talks with JA México Alumni

Mar 31, 2020

Did you know that JA Alumni México is organizing "Coffee Talks" on a regular basis? These events bring together business leaders and alumni.

Meet Esdras Romero, President of JA Alumni México. We interviewed him about the fun "Coffee Talks" in México. 


What is a "Coffee Talk"?

Coffee Talk has the aim to teach, inspire, and develop entrepreneurial skills within the alumni community. This event provides the opportunity to share a cup of coffee with an entrepreneur or business personality. They share their stories which results in an exchange of knowledge. We want to connect our alumni with the business world.


Who was the "Coffee Talk" guest this time?

Our guest this time was Frederic Moussalli. He is the current CEO of "Moyo", one of the biggest natural yogurt ice cream chains in Mexico with more than 120 sell-points. His brand can also be found in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. 


How many alumni participated?

We were more than 50 participants in the event. 




Meet the incredible alumni board of JA México Alumni: 




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