Alumni Chapter 2020


INJAZ Bahrain Alumni Association is a network that comes under the umbrella of INJAZ Bahrain. The association consists of Alumni that generally represent INJAZ Bahrain as brand ambassadors.


The board consists of the President [ Yousif Al-Isa ], Head of Communications [ Bayan Ahmed ], Communications Committee [ Hassan Fakhroo & Nour AlDoseri ], Head of Marketing [ Ali Hassan ], Marketing Committee [ Mariam AlBaharna & Samana Mohammed ], Head of Events [ Noor Alawadhi ], and Events Committee [ Munya Nabeel ].


The objective of this association is to boost the entrepreneurial spirit, facilitate networking and personal development among the youth. Alongside, promoting INJAZ Bahrain educational programs and encouraging INJAZ Alumni to make contributions to public service is an essential aspect of the association.

Having an Alumni Network is beneficial and crucial as it offers INJAZ Bahrain Alumni with young entrepreneurs’ opportunities, development of personal and professional competencies within innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Moreover, it’s a platform for them to exchange ideas, best practices, lessons learned, and other topics that help sustain and grow their businesses.


The association creates a mutually beneficial relationship between INJAZ Bahrain and JA Alumni. By taking part in the organization, Alumni will expand their connections which is a key in the modern business world. They can connect with local alumni, individuals, groups and businesses who have been part of INJAZ projects along with students from Junior Achievement Worldwide.






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