JA Alumni Norway 2.0—Ungt Entreprenørskap Alumni Norge—celebrates its first big event!


Due to inactivity among the 2,000 members, the board of JA Alumni Norway was replaced in 2019. The new board members have been working for months, trying to figure out how they can increase alumni activity in Norway. On January 16, 2020, they launched JA Alumni Norway 2.0, or as it’s known locally, Ungt Entreprenørskap Alumni Norge 2.0.

JA Alumni Norway plans to increase activity by decreasing the number of events to four exclusive, exciting events nationally and build up ambassador teams to host local events around the country.


Head of relations Mie Løkken and regional coordinator Kristoffer Bjordal


JA Alumni Norway has also introduced a small yearly membership fee to ensure an active and updated list of members. All money collected goes back to members by helping to pay for events and speakers. JA Alumni Norway wants its members to get the most out of every event, connecting with other alumni and speakers through the concept, GründerHils (Entrepreneur Greeting), toward the end of every event. Additionally, the board is also working on deals with collaborators to offer discounts to members on different software (like 15% off Fiken, an accounting program) and other important elements you need to start and run a business. 


New JA Alumni Norway members



Board Chair Freid Sommer Gunnulfsen


They hosted their first event, The Kick-Off of Alumni 2.0, on February 13, 2020. This event included a pitching contest, where seven companies had the chance to win 10,000 NOK (€1,000) and one year of free membership to JA Alumni Norway.


Daniel Amundsen from Dyrk AS


William Ingvaldsen from Opplett AS


Trend AS won the pitch event


Alumni 2.0 was also presented to the event, and audience feedback was very positive.


“We’ve been waiting for a relaunch of JA Alumni Norway for years, and I think this one will fit right in.” –Sanne Skjørland, member of the jury


Jury members 


“The kickoff went down very successfully, and we could not have been happier with our first event. Now we are looking forward to our next event in less than a month. EcoSmart [ØkoSmart in Norwegian], from the biggest bank in Norway (DnB), and the new easy accounting program Fiken will present their keynotes on how to create and maintain a healthy business economy.” –Didrik Villanger, Deputy and Head of Communication, JA Alumni Norway


Deputy Didrik Villanger and Board Chair Freid Gunnulfsen presenting UE Alumni 2.0)


Trend AS won the pitching contest, joined by the runners up Dyrk AS and Cateringeksperten AS.


Trend AS, Dyrk AS, and Cateringeksperten AS


All competitors received written feedback from the jury on their pitches so they can adjust their presentations and successfully attract more investors in future competitions.


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