Today we want to introduce you Luke Liddiard, the young boy who turned from homeless to company director, in only one year. He didn’t give up, believed in his dreams and now is a successful, award-winning entrepreneur.  His life changed when he established The Goodwood Company, a company that used to create art crafted gifts using reclaimed wood. 

What was the inspiration behind your business idea?

The inspiration behind my idea was being homeless and without food myself and I never wanted anyone to be in the same situation as me. 

When did you meet with JA and how did JA impact your life?

Ja was offered to me through social services when i just moved into a hostel YMCA. The program helped change the course of my life from being homeless to owning a business in 9 months and winning the UK finals is a big achievement.
The question we ask to every successful entrepreneur: Any advice for our alumni?

Best advise is to get a business mentor and get after your goals.

How do you advertise your business? Do you have any suggestions to share with our alumni?

We advertise solely through Instagram & Facebook.

What are things you wish you knew before starting the entrepreneurial experience?

I wish i knew about mentor ship beforehand and how important it can be to work in yourself. 

Going through the process, Is there a story that stands out from your journey till now?

One story was going into Brixton soup kitchen for a day and feeding the homeless it was very rewarding.

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